Tips for an eco-friendly holiday


With you, the Alliance Française de Normandie is committed to limiting its carbon emissions.
Together, let's control our impact on the environment!


Practising eco-mobility

During my stay, I favour eco-mobility: I always give priority to travelling on foot, by bicycle or by public transport to get to my classes or participate in activities.


Choosing your packaging

I avoid plastic packaging and use a reusable bottle or cup.


Eating according to the season

Whenever possible, I eat locally grown, seasonal fruit and vegetables.


Participate in activities

I regularly take part in the eco-responsible activities and environmental awareness activities offered by the Alliance Française: workshops, conferences, gardening and renaturation, clean walk, etc.


Sorting your waste

I always sort my waste and use the bins provided in town or at the Alliance's premises.


Eco-responsible consumption

At home and at the Alliance, I limit my water consumption and save energy: I turn off the light when I leave a room, I do not open the windows in winter, etc.


Buying useful

I try to buy useful items by favouring second-hand and/or locally produced and ecologically responsible items.


Using the right equipment

I learn French using recyclable and ecological materials provided by the Alliance.